Please note that at our Congress we only have oral presentations. 


You must be registered as an active participant in order to present and receive a diploma. Authors/Co-authors who want to receive a diploma must also register to the Congress. 

All active participants can buy either a type A-active/B-active or E-active package. In order to benefit from this they will have to send the abstract by 12th of March 2023. Missing the submission deadline will automatically cancel the benefit and the paid amount will be returned.

The active participants of The International Congress of Dental Medicine for Students and Young Dentists DENTis 2023 will have to take into consideration the following criteria for the abstract of the scientific paper:

  • The abstract has to be sent in both Romanian and English
  • The title has to be written in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • The name of the Author, Co-author and Coordinator has to be written on a separate row each; the person’s title has to be written ahead of the name (ex.: Prof. Dr. JONES)
  • The surnames have to be written in CAPITAL LETTERS and the name in small caps (ex.: Thomas JONES)
  • You have to write your University of origin
  • The abstract has to include:
    – INTRODUCTION/Introducere
    – PURPOSE/Scop
    – MATERIAL AND METHOD/Material și metodă
    – RESULTS/Rezultate
    – DISCUSSIONS/Discuții
    – CONCLUSION/Concluzie
    – KEYWORDS/Cuvinte cheie (between 3 to 5)
  • The abstract must not be longer than a page for each language with special regard to grammar
  • Font must be Times New Roman, size: 12
  • You must use diacritical marks
  • Abbreviations are allowed, if previously explained
  • Each scientific paper should have no more than 2 authors, 5 coauthors and 1 coordinator

It is mandatory to clearly specify the section your project belongs to (Clinical or Preclinical).

Should the abstract not be written according to the rules, the author will be notified and will have to revise it until all criteria will be met and reupload it.

Don’t forget that the deadline for the active participants is 12th of March 2023. Any abstract sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

At the Congress you must have an English presentation (.pptx «or Keynote converted to .pptx») which needs to be transferred to our computer maximum 30 minutes before the start of the students’ scientific communication sessions. You cannot bring your own laptop. You will have 7 minutes maximum for your presentation followed by 3 minutes of questions from our Jury (not mandatory). You can present in either Romanian or English. Please note that any document/presentation will be erased after the sessions are over.

You will receive the schedule of the presentations a few days before the Congress. We suggest you arrive at the location earlier as previous presentations might end sooner.

We offer a few directions destined to obtain a successful abstract:
Title: it must reflect the content of your summary, clearly representing the theme of your research or study
Introduction: It contains information meant to introduce the research theme, to emphasize the subject and the question on which the study is based. The introduction has to clarify the reason behind the question.
Material and method: List the materials you used and the methods you applied. Describe the chosen approach and study design, dependent and independent variables, statistical tests.
Results: Describe the results you obtained based on the study’s purpose and applied methods.
Discussions: Pursue these 3 aspects: answer, discussions, relevance. Offer a summary of your results. You can also integrate other aspects if they are important to your work, such as: conditions which could influence or change the results of your research, influences on various research domains or other conexions.
Conclusion: Answer to the study’s initial question. It is vital for you to clarify the relevance of your work.
Key words: The most important words within your paper, such as subject, domain, methods and so forth.

Authors, coauthors and coordinators
Authors – people who were a part of every stage of the paper: idea, documentation and conception, actual research and data collecting, interpretation of said data, composing the final form of the scientific paper.
Coauthors – people who were less involved or part of fewer stages than the authors.
Coordinator – person who supervises and coordinates; the educational institution of origin needs to be mentioned.


Antonia-Ecaterina BAHRIM

President of DENTIS CONGRESS 2023

Paul-Florin TROFIN