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Dr. Vaiva Jakutytė

Orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery

Dr. Ana Stevanovic

Dentistry related careers - taking the different path

Dr. Cristina Rizea

Braces or veneers?
Or both?

Dr. Mariana Cărămidă

Periodontal health and overall health connections: brush away the risks

Dr. Silvia Per

Do's but mostly Dont's in pediatric dentistry

Dr. Yuriy Vasiliev

Local anaesthesia in dental practice: what, how and where to inject

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Dr. Michele Melillo

The second life of a tooth: autotransplantation

Dr. Bora Korkut

Recent Advances in Direct Aesthetic Resin Restorations

Dr. Björn Dziedo

Let's talk Veneers. Are they really that difficult?

Dr. Dan Lazăr

SHAPE - Anterior composite in 4 clinical situations

Dr. Vlad Niță

How to restore a class IV defect in an easy way

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Dr. Alexandru Popescu

WaveOne Gold - Successful shaping of endodontic space

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Dr. Dinu Cristian

Can we create a perfect dental implant? A study of biologic concept, implant design, connection and surface of an ideal implant

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Dr. Radu Brata

The biofilm in Endodontics - A feared adversary

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CDT Cristian Petri

Synergy of dental technology: Technician & CAD-CAM, the path to success and much more

CDT Florin Stoboran

Sculpture trilogy: Proposition, Shape and Texture. From the beginning till our days.

Dr. Adrian Petruțiu

Periodontal surgery - from simple to complex cases

Dr. Ștefan Jitaru

To treat or not to treat. Making the right choice.

Dr. Radu Bulat

To treat or not to treat. Making the right choice.

Dr. Bart De Wever

PerioTabs, a new anti-biofilm "brushing solution" that helps to reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis.

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Dr. Roxana Ilici

Let's think preventively in adhesive dentistry

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Dr. Adrian Petruțiu

Periodontal disease - What's old, what's new, what can I do?

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