1. I understand that by filling this form I am officially registering for the event.
  2. I understand that the attendance to the educational program is mandatory in order to receive the certificate.
  3. I understand that I cannot get a full refund unless I let the Organising Committee know before the 7th of March. After this date I can only find someone else to replace me at the Congress and I have to announce this to the Organising Committee before the 15th of March by sending a mail at tehnic@dentiscongress.com.
  4. In case of misleading the registration procedure we are able and will ban you from the event, a refund will be given if it is discovered in time. If at arrival your personal information does not match the one provided via the registration you will be banned and no refund will be given. 
  5. I agree to allow DENTis 2021 to make media materials (photographs, videos etc.) of me and grant permission to use them for purposes such as: web promotion, social media posting, website content and similar, exclusively for non-commercial applications and under fair use.
  6. I recognise that the Congress is an open workplace and a formal gathering, and as such demands that I conduct myself in a manner that promotes standards of integrity, professionalism and safe practices.
  7. I shall not show up for sessions intoxicated or in possession of any alcoholic beverages. I accept that I am responsible and accountable for the choices I make regarding alcohol intake, as well as their consequences.
  8. I shall be mindful of what I say to others and about others. All participants as well as OC members shall be equally respected.
  9. DENTis strongly condemns stealing as well as damaging personal belongings of others. I respect other people’s belongings and am aware of the possible consequences.
  10. I agree that my personal data gathered here will be saved and processed by DENTis and the Organising Committee. The data will be used exclusively within the framework of the DENTis 2021 and will be saved and processed according to the applying Data Protection Legislation.
  11. I hereby exclude the Organising Committee, all helpers and volunteers of DENTis of any liability claim, as long as these are not covered by public liability.
  12. In case of failure to comply with the law, any of the hotel rules or code of conduct, the organisers are authorised to ban me from the participation at DENTis immediately and at any time. In this case, all costs covered by the participation fee will not be refunded. For a disorderly or criminally liable behaviour I am alone responsible in full magnitude.
  13. All activities outside the effective date of DENTis fall into my own sphere of responsibility and liability.
  14. I hereby commit to the attendance at DENTis bindingly. I am aware that in case I miss the conference (no matter if self-inflicted or not), I have to bear the complete expenses of arrival, accommodation and departure.