The International Congress of Dental Medicine for Students and Young Dentists DENTis Cluj-Napoca, the 2018 edition, took place between the 15th and the 18th of March 2018, in Cluj-Napoca in „Iuliu Hațieganu” Hall on 23 Gheorghe Marinescu street.

The event was organised by the Organisation of Dental Students of Cluj-Napoca, in  partnership with „Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, having the following sponsors: Megagen, Colgate, Blend-a-med, Oral-B, GC, Dentsply Sirona, Kavo Kerr, Curaprox, Biolase, GSK, Dentotal Protect, Medica M3, Iso-X, Nastimed Dentexpert, Dexellence, Dürr Dental, New York Dental, Genna Dent, Stomestet Dental Clinic Cluj-Napoca, Red International, Adadent, Dentist-online, Apotheka, AdorMed, Dental Books, Terra Dent, MSO, Hip Menu, Autonom, American Experience, Vitamin Aqua, Aqua Carpatica, Olympos Sweets & Bistro Cluj-Napoca, Captain Bean, Makeba, Suprem Office, Donuterie, Narcoffee Roasters, World Class, Saturn S.A., Subway, Uber, Recondi, Rodna, Swarovski, PMA Invest, Flixbus, Q Caffe, Clever Taxi.

At this edition of the DENTis Congress we hosted a total of 491 participants, out of which 259 students from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, 56 students from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, 71 students from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași, 39 students from Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Oradea, 19 from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Constanța, 16 from Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Arad, 14 from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara, 10 students from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Târgu-Mureș, 5 from Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Galați and 2 students from Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Sibiu.
Prof. Dr. Radu Septimiu Câmpian was the President of the DENTis Congress, and the Scientific Committee was formed by Senior Lecturer Dr. Anca Mesaroș, Senior Lecturer Dr. Meda Simu, Senior Lecturer Dr. Dan Buhățel, Senior Lecturer Dr. Bogdan Crișan and Assistant Professor Dr. Cosmin Cioban.

The Congress has hosted a total of 17 conferences and 11 workshops. The conferences were held by lecturers from „Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, such as: Senior Lecturer Dr. Raluca Cosgarea, Assistant Professor Dr. Darius Tomina, Associate Professor Dr. Horațiu Rotaru. We were also pleased to welcome a few internationally and nationally renowned lecturers like: Dr. Henriette Lerner (Germany), Dr. Peri Colino Gallardo (Spain), Dr. Raj Ahlowalia (U.K.), Dr. Sebastian Lupu (Iași), Dr. Mariana Păcurar (Tg. Mureș), Dr. Alex Rugină (Timișoara), Dr. Bogdan Oprea (Sibiu).

Of the many workshops that took place at DENTis Congress we can mention: “AnyRidge Implant”,” Impression Materials in Dentistry”, “Epic X Diode Laser”, “Knots and Sutures”, “ProTaper Rotary Files for mechanical preparation of root canals”, “Guided Tissue Regeneration”, “CBCT”, “Efficient Scientific Research in dentistry – from the source to the resource”, “Volunteering projects in Dental Medicine – from backstage”, “How to use Orthodontic Appliances and their advantages”.

The Opening Gala Dinner was held at Aroma Restaurant, the Socialising Party of the second night was held at VIP Room of Cluj Arena and the Closing Dinner and Gala took place at Grand Hotel Italia Restaurant.

Moreover, within the DENTis Congress, students that are passionate about research had the opportunity to present the results of their scientific searches during the Student Scientific Presentation Conference which included 2 sections – Preclinical and Clinical. The best of the presentations were awarded during the Closing Gala.

Antonia-Ecaterina BAHRIM

President of DENTIS CONGRESS 2023

Paul-Florin TROFIN